Friday, October 22, 2010

KISS army recruitment ad

Anonymous vs KISS Army

Does Anonymous need to be worried about the KISS army?

"The KISS Army is the official fan club for the American rock band KISS, as well as the unofficial name used to refer to KISS fans in general. It was started unofficially in 1975, by fans Bill Starkey and Jay Evans."

This could end up in an interesting face off of /b/ vs KISS.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gene Simmons' Paedophile / Child Pornography

Here is an anonymous tipster's email sent to us:

it took the LAPD special unit nearly a week to crack the .zip file which contained the explicit material, that's why you're only hearing about it now. Some KISS fans on his site are trying to blame it on 'hackers' but this is just a clever smokescreen, but most educated people can see right through it.

Some psychoanalysts are actually suggesting that Mr. Simmons was abused as a child and that music was a form of expression that allowed him to lead a life without perversion. However, since he stopped actively creating music he has reverted to a state of very low self-esteem and joined child pornography rings.

Further allegations of so-called ' child sex-tourism' (traveling overseas to certain parts of east Asia and Europe in order to have sex with minors) are as yet unsubstantiated.

At this stage most of this is just allegation so we will have to see how this plays out. It could be bigger than the OJ Simpson trial.

Gene Simmons' sex tape

Mr KISS has yet subject of public scrutiny, now caught having sex with a barely legal female.

Article and video at link, and of course the video is NSFW:

Gene Simmons' sex tape

Yet again Mr KISS has been caughting having a bit too much fun with a barely legal female.

Article and included sex tape at link, the video is of course NSFW:

Gene Simmons' a homophobe?

More news about the KISS member, here he is caught spurting out homophobic comments (video @ link):

Gene Simmons' a paedophile?

Various news sources are beginning to report that the famous rockstar Gene Simmons of the group KISS has allegedly been caught with child pornography.

We'll report more news as it comes in.